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Blood on My Hands

In My Songs by nina

This song came about during a night of improvisations when I was living off the grid in the rainforest in Wilsons Creek, NSW. I was thinking about my place in the world, contemplating my contributions to it, and also what I take from it.  I guess I was feeling a little bit like Nick Drake in his song, “Parasite” from his album, Pink Moon, a very influential album for me…I felt like I had blood on my hands just by being born, like I’m part of some disease. I may have been looking at life through a mud-stained window rather than through rose coloured glasses at the time! I was also feeling the need to rise up and do something about it, to form a “nucleus” of strength and unity to help make the world a better place.  I hope that by sharing my music and art I can somehow  help make this incredible planet a more beautiful, conscious and loving place for generations to come…The power of music, art and other creative mediums is beyond potent. It can and should be used for the good of all!