Teaching Art and Music Through Homeschooling

In My Teaching Journey by nina


Through my experience of homeschooling my youngest son who has school phobia I have grown into becoming a teacher as well as a parent. This, although very challenging in the beginning, has been a gift to my life’s purpose. Teaching children is something I have always regarded as vital yet the opportunity for me to actually discover my own role as a teacher has come purely through my son’s need to be homeschooled.

In our local community we are lucky to have many homeschooled families who are always looking for new and creative ways to engage their children’s learning and life experience. After sharing skills in group meet-ups it became clear that I could teach and inspire children to create art and music. As with many of my creative offerings this is something that has organically occurred and evolved, and I’m so happy with where this journey is taking me and my son, as well as many other children who enjoy learning with me.

Currently I teach singing, guitar and art to both homeschooled and schooled children, some of which I have recently connected with through One Vision Productions who support at-risk children through a music and art mentoring program. I am really excited to be mentoring and empowering our youth in this way and look forward to seeing their dreams and visions unfold in the world.

The artwork pictured above is from one of my first homeschool art classes where I taught a group of children how to make a mandala using watercolours and guache.