I am a born and bred local of the Northern Rivers, Australia, and have many creative interests from fine art to music to photography. I have spent my life pursuing my passions and dreams as an intuitive, self-taught artist. I am am inspired by nature and have a deep connection and reverence to the Bundjalung country that I’m blessed to call my homeland. I have always strived towards living simply and in harmony with nature, learning about gardening and self-sufficiency from a young age and finding ways to incorporate my love for nature into my art. I care deeply about environmental conservation, peace and social equality and this is often conveyed in my work. I believe in the therapeutic potential of art and much of what I create stems from a place of healing. It is a healing process for me as the creator and my hope is that this is conveyed through the various mediums I use and others can feel uplifted also.
In this website you will see some of my offerings in art, music and photography, from commission work, teaching services and performance and events work. Thank you for visiting and I hope to hear from you soon!